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Why clear aligners?

The use of clear aligners to correct orthodontic malocclusion is becoming increasingly popular among dentists and patients alike for a number of reasons:


- Nearly-invisible appliance useage

- Far more comfortable than a fixed appliance

- No obstructions to a normal oral hygiene regime

- Full 3d control and predictability

- Improved patient consent

- Flexibility

- Reduced clinical risk

- Happier patients


Why use 3Dalign over our competitiors?

We offer exceptionally fast turn around compared to our competitors. Being based in Sheffield we are available immediately on the end of the phone for questions and queries and allow all of our clinicians unlimited advice and discussion with our clinical team of dentists, who possess years of clear aligner experience across a number of systems.

This combination of the best technicians and clinicians have allowed us to create a streamlined dentist-friendly overall experience and expect to build strong personal relationships with all of our prescribers, much like your local laboratory. Any problems can be phoned directly through to us and corrected almost immediately and we will go the extra mile to help you succeed.

Mid treatment control and flexibility

Uniquely the aligners are provided in groups of 5 at a time. At the review of the 5th aligner we request the go-ahead to create 5 more. This allows more clinical freedom and the ability to detect problems such as lack of tracking and tackle these before they become an issue, either with advice from us or new impressions and re-planning done.


There is no further cost to retaking impressions mid treatment as long as the overall outcome has not changed. By utilizing this we are able to keep a tighter control on tooth movement, reduce overall number of problems from poor tracking, improve patient satisfaction and reduce the overall lab fees by manufacturing less aligners which may otherwise go to waste, like some competitors.


Advanced design features

3d flex aligners are made from material optimised for movement, retention and accuracy of fit while resisting discolouration and cracks. Our 3dFlex polymer is less than .6mm  thick and trimmed to 1mm above gingival level in a flat plane. This optimises comfort and according to a number of studies improves retention and movement efficacy compared to aligners trimmed at gingival margin and scalloped.


The material is significantly higher quality than most competitors and is exceptionally strong while maintaining the flexibility required to insert over attachments and into undercuts. Attachments are designed for maximum movement and comfort and only used where required unlike some systems that overuse this. Fewer attachments generally means a more accurate fit and a happier patient with improved aesthetics for patients who expect a nearly invisible finish.

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